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​​​Life's a Labradoodle

Labradoodle Puppies.... everything else is just a dog!

Labradoodles come in many prices, shapes, sizes, hair styles and colors. I hope this helps you navigate your new family member.

We only breed Multi-Gen Labradoodles or "Multigenerational Labradoodle". Our dogs all weigh between 45-60  pounds. They are all between 18-22 inches at the shoulder. We expect pups to be to very low to non shedding the same as our dogs.

Here is a common list of Labradoodle types, sizing, shapes, hair and names.

F1- First Generation Labradoodle- this is a straight Poodle bred to a pure Labrador. These dogs tend to be bigger and have a higher probability of shedding. Ask lots of questions to a potential breeder about coat types. I am always surprised by people who purchase a F1 and are shocked that it sheds?! We do NOT breed F1's. I don't like fur everywhere. These dogs often have straight or wavy hair and can shed much like a Labrador shedding fur. These dogs tend to be less in pricing coming in around $800.00-$1700.00.

F1B- Labradoodle bred back to a Poodle- These dogs tend to shed less. They have more Poodle genetics. They can have curlier hair that will not shed or shed very little- A wool coat. We do not breed back to Poodles. This type can vary in sizing depending on Poodle and Doodle. Pricing tends to match F1's and are between $1000.00 and $1900.00.

Multi-Generation Labradoodle-This is what we breed. Multi-Gens are Labradoodles bred to Labradoodles. This is where you start  to find consistency in the Labradoodle world. The dogs are low to non shedding. Multi- Gens can have Wooly, Fleecy or anything in between hair! These dogs are priced around $1800.00 - $2500.00. As a side note every four generations some breeders can and will breed back to a Poodle, we do not do this. This is still considered a Multi-Gen. 

Australian Labradoodle- Is a mix between Labradoodles and other breeds. They can have Cocker Spaniel, Cockapoo or other types infused into them. These dogs are very low to non shedding and tend to be smaller than the other Labradoodles. Some breeders will breed Multi-Gens and Australian. We do not. These dogs cost the most. They are $2500.00 and up. These dogs are very consistent in size and no shedding. If you are looking for an Australian there are many breeders within 100 miles of Manteca. 

Colors vary from dog to dog. All types of Labradoodles have an array of color options. We have the rainbow group. Our twins are considered Blue Merle their parents were Phantom and Black, Jo is a Parti, , Georgie is Sable and Bob is Cream and Apricot. We expect our dogs to throw Parti, Chocolate, Apricot, Cream, Phantom, Sable and variations of the Merle Pattern in all of our litters.

Hope this helps is size, shapes, hair, shedding and costs. :)

Good Luck!