Miss Shawn Blu Noma- Multi Generation- Parti Merle

Miss Shawn is expected to be 50 pounds or so! She's a stunning Silver and White Parti Merle! 

MISS GEORGIE-4th Generation Labradoodle

Miss Georgie is a big girl, weighing 57 pounds. Her parents weigh 67 and 65 pounds.  She is considered a Sable color. 

​​Miss Jo Jo- -Multi Gen Labradoodle

Jo is a multigeneration Labradoodle form Georgia! She is a Blue Parti. Her siblings were Blue Parti, Brown Parti and solids in both colors! We are so excited to have her! She weighs 55 pounds!! She's incredibly smart and very loving! 

Potter- Multi Generation Labradoodle

Potter lives in Roseville with his doodle sister, human sister and parents! Potter will throw Black, Chocolate, Parti and Apricot! He is non shedding. He will be 55-60 pounds

Zoe& Luke-4th Generation Labradoodles-Medium- (THE TWINKIES)

Zoe  & Luke are sister and brother. She is 48 pounds and he is 47 pounds. They are considered a Blue Merle. They come  from a long line of service animals. 

Their puppies will be solids, Merle's, Phantoms, and any color they are bred with. She enjoys swimming weather round. Year round would be an understatement. She enjoys watching Hockey (must be her Canadian roots) and the Animal Planet. Luke enjoys his human brothers, sleeping on their sofa and of course digging under their trampoline! Luke lives in Manteca with friends. We wouldn't want any accidents :)

They both have incredible non-shedding coats. These two offer multigenerational Labradoodle puppies in Merle, Phantom and solids based on their mate.

Sophie aka Bob- Bob is a 5TH generation-

Medium Labradoodle

Bob is your typical Labradoodle and our house goofball! She speaks to us every morning at the crack of dawn. I am certain shes telling me to "hurry up and cook breakfast". She comes from service dogs and is cream and apricot. She weighs 50 pounds and has a wool non shedding coat.  A Multi generation labradoodle should never shed.

Bob will have 1 MORE litter before she is retired IN 2018! We only allow for 2-4 litters per dog. They are retired and stay with us.

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