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Thank you for stopping by. We are a small hobby breeder of Multi Generation Labradoodle puppies. We are located in the jewel of the Valley, Ripon CA. We are about 90 miles from San Jose, California, 45 Miles from Sacramento. We are nestled in the middle of 100's of acres of almonds. The girls spend many days chasing birds, cats, rabbits and anything else they find through these fields. 

Our dogs are our pets, as such they live in our home not in the barn, a crate or a cage. We firmly believe in Free Range multigenerational Labradoodle dogs. This is important to know because Labradoodles are people dogs. They need their humans as much as they need air and food. Our girls spend their days lounging by the pool, swimming, chasing birds or causing chaos in the orchards. They can also be found sleeping on the sofas, our beds or under trees. Please do your research before buying one of these magnificent creatures. Our boys live in guardian homes where they are family members as well. Call and speak with the breeders ask tons of questions!  Questions should include size, shape, hair types, if they shed and where dogs are kept! Please see "About Labradoodles" to check out the different types. while no breeder can guarantee size, shape, shedding or even color they should have a really good idea :)

We hope you find the site useful. I love talking Doodles feel free to call or text me anytime (415) 689-1498


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We offer many colors of Labradoodle puppies ranging from Chocolate to Sable and Parti to Merle!

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